Safety and Security of Passengers - Our Top Priority

The world we live in is not free of crime and criminals. Safety of our customers is our top priority. We do a complete background and security check of drivers before hiring them. We make every effort to make sure our drivers are polite, courteous and customer friendly. Customer complaints, though rare, are taken seriously, and strict action is taken if needed. GPS is also installed in our cabs, so we can track and monitor even when they are on the move.

With crime against women on the rise, we are very particular about the safety of our women customers. Hence, we have adopted a strict policy of deputing only female drivers for women customers at night.

We conduct specialized inhouse training programs for our chauffeurs, training them in manners, etiquettes, and safety norms. We train and groom each chauffeur individually to get them ready to meet the quality standards that the customer expects. Our chauffeurs are well groomed, attired in smart uniforms, wear identity cards and carry mobile phones. Our offices are in constant touch with them while they are on the move, to monitor, help and assist them.

We are very particular about your travel experience and constantly seek feedback from customers. Feedback and complaints are taken seriously and looked into by our top management. Corrective measures are taken wherever necessary. This process helps keep customers happy and loyal in the long run.